Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The cover for "Tjugohundratretton"

After a long period of time we are finally ready to reveal the cover for our upcoming second album entitled "Tjugohundratretton". The release have been set to 13/03/31. The cover have been made by Jonas Holmberg, lead singer of This Gift Is A Curse, and we are more than happy with the result. The album will contain thirteen songs in the following order:

I. Tusentals Döda Ögon
II. Fyra Plus och Vågrätt Regn
III. Prestigehyckleri
IV. Tyst Hat
V. Spritromantik
VI. Under det Svidande Korset
VII. Kan du bli optimal?
VIII. Arbeta eller Dö
IX. Hög på Gud
X. Kåranda
XI. Nederlag och Undergång
XII. Har vi kapitulerat?
XIII. Den Svaga Viljan

The LP will be released by a partnership of: Deviance Records , Halvfabrikat Records, Active Rebellion Records, Bez-AK47 and Everyday Hate Records. Contact any of the labels if you want to make an pre order. The CD will be released by Everyday Hate Records on 13/03/31.