Sunday 4 December 2016

Upcoming action in 2017

Yes, we're still breathing...

Summer, if that's what you call three months of rain and gray skies, is over and we managed to tour the Iberian Peninsula, support Poison Idea and Black Breath as well as we found ourselves a new singer for the band after Anders decided to walk a different path after 10 years. We all share some fantastic memories from the years past and he will be missed indeed.

Luckily, we have one last show to do together! Saturday December 17 he will join us for some classic Fredag den 13:e songs at Skjul46 in Gothenburg, when we celebrate 10 years as a band. 2006-2016. Joining us on stage will also Skägget, our old bass player, and our drummer Johannes from the first s/t 7". Other bands playing that night will be Painted Wolves, Dissober, Allvaret, Highrider and GUST. Don't forget to fill out this form before 17.00 on the 17:th! Otherwise you won't get in!

We havn't been super busy to this date, but we havn't been off either. SO:
New T-shirt print by The None Seeing Eye Artworks & Animations coming up soon
Split 7" with G's other band Painted Wolves coming up in April 2017
AAAAND we'll be back with Fred from Fvck Life Studios to record our fourth album in January. The songs written this far are all dynamite so expect nothing else than a killer!

When the recording is done, Peppe will stay home for a while spending time with his baby boy. But Fredag den 13:e will lend Johan Meiton from Gothenburg punk band Gamla Pengar on bass for a tour through Europe April 13-23. We will among other shows play the Kubuz Festival i Schweiz, with bands like The Arson Project and Halshug. More on this later on.

Cheers / F:13

Wednesday 2 March 2016

Thanks and goodbye!

Ok. I´m not in the band anymore. I have no longer the time or spirit to be as dedicated as I used to be and I´m not really into doing things half-hearted.  Therefore I believe this is for the best, both for me and for the band.

Fredag den 13:e has been a huge part of my life for nearly ten years and some of my best friends, who I love, are in the band. D.I.Y.-premisses have taken us to places and people, which I never would have seen or met without the band. For those experiences I´m eternally thankful.

During the years we have also developed a sound that I´m very proud of. The core has always been driven d-beat, but our influences very various. Along with that we have, at least in my opinion, always managed to put our own edge to it.

I still feel a strong urge to put my words into music, so we´ll see what the future brings. However, thanks for the support through the years and keep your resistance loud and alive!



Vocals 2006 - 2016

Sunday 18 October 2015

Domedagar on Bandcamp:

Also, shows coming up:
Stockholm, SE Oct 23 @ Cyklopen w/ From Soil, The Bristles and Dissober
Örebro, SE Oct 24 @ Stationen w/ From Soil
Göteborg, SE Nov 26 @ Musikens Hus w/ Totalt Jävla Mörker

Tuesday 9 June 2015



On 4th July our third fullenght album ”DOMEDAGAR” will be released!

DOMEDAGAR is recorded in Fvck Life Studios in Trollhättan by Fred (GUST, ANCHOR) and mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) at Audiosiege Studios.

1000 copies of gatefolded LP will be co-released by Deviance Records, Farsot Records, Everyday Rate Records, Halvfabrikat Records, Bez AK-47 Records, and Angry Voice Records.

500 CDs of DOMEDAGAR will also be released by Everyday Hate Records.

We´ll keep you posted about date and venue for release party in Göteborg!

1. Apokalypserna anfaller
2. 13 procent
3. Trygghetens pris
4. Slentriankonsumtion
5. Varför ska jag lyssna?
6. Alla mår skit
7. Mera gift
8. Du ska lida
9. Gubbvrak
10. Varje dag är en domedag
11. Paria
12. Själviskt helvete
13. I ett nav av förljugenhet


Fredag den 13:e

Friday 13 March 2015



 - Our new album DOMEDAGAR is currently being mastered by Brad Boatright (FROM ASHES RISE) in AUDIOSIEGE Studios. We are very satisfied with the sound of it and how the thirteen songs turned out. A big fvcking kiss to Fred (GUST, ANCHOR) at FVCK LIFE Studios for recording and mixing our shit! He´s the best!

 - 1000 LP´s of DOMEDAGAR will be co-released by Deviance Records (FR), Halvfabrikat Records (SE), Everyday Hate Records (PL), Farsot Records (SE), Angry Voice Records (DE) and Bez-AK47 Records (FR). Everyday Hate Records will release the CD-version. We hope to have the new album in our hands in the middle of May.  

- The song ”Du ska lida” won last month´s poll and is the song that joins the other twelve songs on DOMEDAGAR. ”Hyckleriet fortskrider” will be released on a split 7” with a very great band in a not so far distant future. You can still find both songs on if you want to give them a listen.

- The repress of TJUGOHUNDRATRETTON LP will arrive next month! Our hopes are to have our web shop running again by then so you can order it from there.

- We have some shows coming up that are listed below!  We will of course also throw a kick ass release party for DOMEDAGAR in Göteborg in June. We´ll keep you posted about date and venue.

Cheers fuckers!


16 May, SE, Karlstad – KLUBB TVÄRKÖRT @ ROCK BAR
12 Jun, SE, Stockholm – PUNX 44 @ CYKLOPEN
8 Jul, DE – Berlin - TBA
10 Jul, DE - TBA
11, Jul, PL - TBA

Friday 13 February 2015

Friday 13th special!

Today is our day! And we have just uploaded two new songs on our soundcloud! Since we can't agree about which one of them that will be on our upcoming album "Domedagar", we would like you to help us out a bit! So please visit:, take a listen and make a comment on either "Hyckleriet fortskrider" or "Du ska lida"! The song with the most comments will join the other twelve songs on the new album! (No, we won´t make an album with 14 songs…)

Happy Friday 13th!


Fredag den 13:e

Wednesday 19 November 2014


This weekend we will start the recording of our third album. The recording will take place in Fvck Life Studios up in Trollhättan and we are all excited as fvck about the whole thing.  Our hopes are that the album will be released before the summer 2015, but since we haven´t got a label for it yet, we can´t promise anything at the moment. Expect evil and brutality! 


Fredag den 13:e